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  • – THX Spatial Audio immersive sound experience over stereo speakers
  • – Rapid prototyping using Audio Weaver drag & drop design interface
  • – Hardware agnostic IP for any MCU/DSP/SoC supported by Audio Weaver
  • Independent IP or integrate with TalkTo™ Voice UI
  • – THX logo/branding available for OEMs whose products meet THX Spatial Audio specifications

Ideal for

  • – Speaker bars
  • – Soundbars
  • – TVs
  • – PC Speakers

Comes with multiple modules to customize for your desired outcome:

THX® Spatial Audio Natural: for natural playback experience in surround sound scenarios like music and movies

THX Spatial Audio Immersive: for immersive gaming experience

THX Width Expansion: Increases perceived width of the stereo image

Get the THX Spatial Audio Reference Design With Audio Weaver

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THX Spatial Audio for Speakers

Audio Weaver includes three THX Spatial Audio process blocks: two different variants of acoustic crosstalk cancellation and a stereo widener. 

THX Spatial Audio Crosstalk Cancellation

Crosstalk Cancellation

Acoustic crosstalk occurs in a stereo speaker playback environment when energy from the left speaker enters the right ear of the listener and energy from the right speaker enters the left ear of the listener. THX Crosstalk Cancellation removes this unwanted energy to create a binaural listening environment where sound energy from the left speaker arrives only at the left ear of the listener and sound energy from the right speaker arrives only at the right ear of the listener.

THX Spatial Audio Couch

Stereo Widening

THX Spatial Audio can also widen the sound stage of a stereo speaker system to create expanded and more immersive output. While other technologies can create a sound stage of similar width, they introduce significant coloration to the sound in all off-axis listening positions.

THX Spatial Audio couple

THX Crosstalk Cancellation and Stereo Widening are designed to provide a more consistent experience regardless of the listening position, delivering maximal acoustic performance for every member of the audience. 


Learn more about the THX Spatial Audio Audio Weaver reference design and request a demo.