Razer Hammerhead pro earbuds THX has good news for people who love superior-sounding earbuds.  THX and Razer teamed up to launch the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro, the latest set of earbuds to earn the coveted THX® Certification status. When gamers put on a pair of the Hammerhead wireless pro earbuds, they will enjoy a sub-60ms response time (something they’ll […]
THX Certified Game Mode THX and TCL introduced a larger than life authentic gaming experience for the big screen. Gamers can enjoy superior big-screen gaming from the comfort of their living room with TVs featuring THX® Certified Game Mode. Get an in-depth look at THX Certified Game Mode and how it enhances entertainment on TCL televisions from our Director […]
How THX AAA Makes Your Favorite Consumer Electronics Sound Amazing