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Appotronics Laser Home Cinema D30 projector Great news for people who love giant THX Certified screens! The brand new model of the Appotronics Laser Home Cinema D30 by Fengmi – when used in conjunction with Fengmi’s Formovie Ultra-short Throw Projector ALR Screen 100″ F1 – earned THX Certification for HD and 4K SDR. This pair of products provides our movie-loving audience […]
Formovie Laser Cinema 4K Max projector THX is thrilled to announce the Fengmi’s ultra-short throw projector, the Formovie Laser Cinema 4K Max projector, is the first of its kind to obtain THX Certification when used with Fengmi’s Formovie Fabulous 100″ Fresnel Projection Screen.
Focusview Logo At this year’s Guangzhou International Audio Recording Exhibition, Focusview is introducing the Focusview MP series micro-hole transparent sound screen. It is the first Chinese projector screen brand to achieve THX certification. THX Certification Before the 1980s, many movie theaters encountered problems such as unclear dialogue, loss of sound details, background noise, and picture distortion. This […]