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Perlisten Audio D215s subwoofer San Francisco, September 2, 2022 – THX is pleased to announce the incredible feat of Perlisten’s unprecedented win in two EISA product categories for its 2022-2023 awards. The PERLISTEN THX® Certified Dominus S-Series was crowned EISA Loudspeaker Best Product, and the PERLISTEN THX® Certified Dominus D215s subwoofer has been named EISA Home Theatre Subwoofer Best […]
Perlisten R5t tower speaker Perlisten R Series Speakers achieve the coveted THX® Certified Ultra and THX® Certified Dominus status             Verona, WI, February, 2022– Perlisten Audio, an audio company founded by an all-star team of industry professionals, is ringing in the New Year with a new speaker series.  The new R Series will debut at the Florida Audio Expo, […]
Perlisten Audio debuts world’s first THXⓇ Certified Dominus in-wall speaker