All THX Certified receivers have internal test noise that THX verifies during the certification process. When using the test noise in a THX Certified receiver, the volume level is automatically adjusted to the THX Reference Level when utilizing the test noise. If you have a different receiver, it should feature an internal test noise though […]
Noise Criterion – NC – level is a standard describing the relative loudness of space within a range of frequencies. It was established in the U.S. for rating indoor noise such as the noise from air-conditioning equipment or similar. In Europe, it is common to use the Noise Rating Curve – NR. The method consists […]
THX Certified Audio products are designed to let you experience movies the way they were meant to be heard. On every THX Certified AV Receiver the “0” on the volume dial represents THX Reference Level, the exact volume level used by the moviemakers and sound artists in the studio. Achieving the THX Reference Level is […]
There is a downside to watching all of your films at Reference Level—it is often too loud for your neighbors. With lowered volume levels, bass sounds, surround effects and other sound elements can be lost or perceived differently. To correct this, THX developed a technology called “THX LOUDNESS PLUS”, which lets you experience the rich […]