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AV Style is Partnering with THX to Deliver Scalable THX Certified Home Theater Solutions in China

THX has partnered with AV Style to deliver best-in-class home theaters by offering three different equipment configurations, installed by THX Certified Professionals. These scalable, home theater solutions feature high-performance products that have been certified by THX for optimal audio and visual home entertainment.


THX and AV Style have compiled a selection of THX Certified and THX Approved equipment for three different room size configurations to ensure a THX Certified home theater experience at several price points. AV Style’s authorized dealers complete rigorous training to become THX Certified Professional Installers, and are experts in the installation and calibration of top-of-the-line home theater equipment.


  • A THX Certified scalable theater room in your home delivers the optimal audio and visual home entertainment experience
  • Pre-defined home theater packages based on room size simplify the selection process with high-quality results
  • THX Certified and THX Approved equipment helps ensure high-quality home entertainment for many years to come


  • Visit an AV Style Authorized Dealer to view and demo available room configurations, and choose the package that meets the needs of your room size
  • Schedule an appointment for an AV Style authorized installer to deliver and set up the complete home theater package of your choice
  • AV Style calibrates your new home theater room, and ensures measurements conform to THX performance standards
  • Once completed, AV Style will provide a plaque to designate your space as a THX Certified Home Theater
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To learn more, find an AV Style authorized dealer in your region (offer available in China only).