Talk to a THX Certification Expert and Find out at Panasonic’s Raise the Bar Tour

On April 11th Panasonic launched a seven-week 15-stop North American tour designed to give consumers a chance to experience Panasonic’s 2012 line-up of home entertainment, digital imaging, home appliance and personal care products, including its latest THX Certified GT50 series 3D televisions.

What is THX certification and why should you care?

Drawing from nearly 30 years of expertise in the cinema and studio, beginning with the ultimate cinematic delivery of Lucas’ Return of the Jedi back in 1983, THX delivers product specifications and technology that help recreate the power and performance of the cinema and recording studio in the home and on the road. Today, THX is the only performance benchmark recognized by filmmakers, professional installers and consumers alike.

Is THX certification just a sticker for which manufacturers pay?

Heck no.  Less than 10 percent of all consumer electronics can meet the performance standards required to obtain THX certification. THX worked closely with Panasonic to analyze more than 1,000 data points to make certain that these displays deliver best-in-class picture quality with the stunning clarity and detail found in the filmmaker’s studio. To ensure accurate images and pristine video performance, the Panasonic GT50 series underwent approximately 400 THX laboratory tests from measuring cross-talk, to proper deinterlacing, to the absence of moire.

All THX Certified Displays contain a THX Cinema Mode specifically designed to configure the display to replicate the viewing characteristics of the post-production environment in which a film was created. THX understands that in many viewing environments, it is not convenient to reduce ambient light levels to those inside of professional mixing rooms. Therefore, to compensate for increased ambient light, many THX Certified Displays—like the Panasonic GT50—contain a THX Bright Room Mode. You can view the difference between THX Cinema and Bright Room Modes at the Panasonic Raise the Bar Tour and at local retailers who sell THX Certified Displays.

Where can I find THX representatives on the tour and see these Panasonic displays in action?

The Panasonic Raise the Bar Tour has stops in some of North America’s busiest locations. THX encourages consumers to visit one of these stops and learn more about Panasonic products and THX Certified Displays. As of this post, THX Display Certification Engineers were on staff to answer consumer questions at the San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC stops. THX engineers will also be present at the Minneapolis Mall of America and Chicago Union Station tour stops during the month of May. If you’re curious about video technologies or THX, Panasonic’s Raise the Bar Tour offers a rare opportunity to speak with a THX expert. If you want more detail about the days and times our engineers will be present, please email

In addition to being a fantastic opportunity to learn about Panasonic’s current product line, the Raise the Bar Tour offers consumers a chance to win one of approximately 400 prizes, including a pair of tickets to this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

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