THX has launched a new Certification program for Speaker Bars, ensuring that style and convenience don’t have to mean poor sound quality.

The new Speaker Bar Certification comes after extensive performance testing of the products available on the market today. THX established standards and benchmarks based on the results, and incorporating the unique characteristics of Speaker Bars.

Needing to fulfill the role of the left, center and right speaker channels, there are a host of acoustic challenges facing Speaker Bars. On the hardware side, there’s the added complexity of built-in amplification and processing, all in a single thin cabinet.

THX Certified models are designed to sound better over a wider listening area compared to their non-Certified alternatives. A flatter frequency response not only guarantees a higher quality of sound overall, but also better dialog intelligibility. Like all THX Certified Speakers, a low distortion, minimally compressed, and high output sound is mandated. Because no small speaker cabinet can produce deep bass, the THX Speaker Bar certification process includes testing a matching subwoofer. THX tests these two units for proper blending, with special care to minimize localization with the subwoofer.

As one of the fastest growing speaker categories, THX believes it is important to ensure quality sound even for those with rooms unable to support a traditional speaker system.

The first THX Certified Speaker Bar is the upcoming Cinebar 51 THX from German speaker company Teufel. The aluminum enclosure holds four, 4-inch woofers and two, 1-inch titanium dome tweeters. A THX Certified Speaker Bar subwoofer fills in the bass. The Cinebar 51 THX will be available initially throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

For more information about the Tuefel Cinebar 51 THX, click here.