Planning on going to the movies this weekend? Let THX offer up some helpful tips to help you get the most out of your entertainment experience.

1. Read reviews about your theater before heading out:

How many times has your movie experience been ruined by your local cinema having poor presentation, being dirty, too cold, or the staff is just rude? Check that your theater has a good reputation for quality presentation, is clean and the staff is polite and helpful.

2. Be aware of what audience your theater attracts:

Is your theater family friendly, a teenager hangout or does it cater to an adult crowd? Some cinemas have designed the movie-going experience for families making them great locations for kid movies. Others cinemas have amenities that are appropriate for a 21 and over crowd. Choose your cinema based the amenities that are tailored to your demographic.

3. Know the theater’s rush hour:

Some people like jam packed theaters, while others want to feel like they are getting a private screening – make sure you pick showtimes that are best for you. Early evening showtimes and Sunday matinees are generally the busiest times for movie theaters for you people lovers. Weekday matinees and late evening showings have less people if you are looking for a bit of privacy.

4. Avoid the lines, buy online:

Don’t let someone steal your seat by being held up in line at the box office. Buy online and also receive other purchasing perks. Don’t forget to print your ticket and bring it with you!

5. Look for modern theaters:

Everything from your seat, to the screen, to the room shape matters when it comes to quality presentation. Avoid those bowling alley shaped cinemas from yesteryears with postage stamp sized images. Newly designed cinemas provide stadium seating, comfortable seating and unobstructed sightlines.

6. Know if your theater has the technical chops:

Make sure your theater is capable of displaying the newest movie formats and has the latest in projection and sound technology. Is the movie you want to see in 3D or is the soundtrack in Surround EX or 7.1 audio? Check your local theater’s website for what formats your theater supports.

7. Avoid theaters that have dark and dingy pictures:

Dark pictures destroy the presentation of the movie. For the best viewing experience, you want bright and vivid colors rather than colors that look dull and gray.

8. Claim the best seat in the house:

Sit where the filmmakers sit, in the center of the seating area. This is sometimes called the “sweet spot” where the sound and picture experience is exactly the same as the filmmaker’s. However, if your theater does not allow you to reserve seats, you will have to get to the theater early as these are the first seats to go!

9. Know that your theater eliminates distractions:

Theaters can’t prevent cell phones from ringing, but they can prevent unwanted sounds from entering the auditorium. Outside noise from the projection room, other auditoriums or even vehicle noise from outside shouldn’t be a part of the movie you’re watching.

10. Spend your hard-earned money at THX Certified Cinemas:

Why is this the best value for your money? Only the best cinemas are certified. THX requires certified cinemas to go through an intensive design process to ensure the sound and picture is perfect for every auditorium. If a theatre is THX certified it’s a guarantee that you’re getting the best possible movie going experience.

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