THX Media Director Demo

At The Cable Show, the cable industry’s annual schmooze-fest, THX is demonstrating THX Media Director, a new technology that lets your HDTV and home audio system automatically configure itself for the best playback experience.

Among the throngs of cable news personalities, talk show hosts and “Real Housewives,” the THX team will be demonstrating how metadata can be delivered over a cable network to enable your TV and home audio system to automatically select appropriate aspect ratio, color space, surround sound modes, 2D and 3D display features and other settings for the program that you are watching.

THX Media Director Cable TV Ecosystem. Click to see enlarged image.

Sounds cool, right? Forget about constantly reaching for the remote control. THX Media Director does a lot of the work for you, ensuring that the artistic intent of the filmmaker is accurately represented for Video-on-Demand movies, 3D and other premium cable programming.

The THX Media Director demo will take place in the CableNET Pavilion in the Los Angeles Convention Center. It will feature SENSIO’s 3D video processing technology and Avtrex’s embedded STB software for managing content delivery. It will also be supported by Quantum Data’s 980 HDMI Protocol Scope, which confirms THX Media Director metadata is being accurately communicated via HDMI from the cable STB to the 3DTV and other home theater components. THX Media Director Demo at 2010 Cable Show

So, turn off “Jerseylicious,” get off the couch and come check out our demo.

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