3D May Not be Exploding but It’s Here to Stay

Recently, Rick Dean, a senior vice president here at THX Ltd. and resident 3D guru had the opportunity to share his thoughts on the 3D industry at the annual Spring Digital Hollywood Conference in Los Angeles. Here are his insights on where the industry stands and why it’s poised for explosive growth.

THX Media Director™ – A Smarter Entertainment Experience

THX Media Director aims to simplify the consumer’s experience by automatically adjusting their A/V gear’s settings for optimal performance. With several new companies announcing a wide range of upcoming products and software, the THX Media Director ecosystem is expanding at a rapid rate.

THX Media Director – Simplifying the Home Theater Experience

It’s a sad fact, but most people never adjust their televisions. Think of it, countless settings left in their default positions, the performance of the system never reaching its full potential. If simple menus settings are never adjusted, there is little chance that other aspects of the system are setup correctly. From aspect ratios to surround modes, a potentially amazing A/V system crippled to a fraction of its would-be self.

THX Wants to Simplify Your Cable TV

At The Cable Show, the cable industry’s annual schmooze-fest, THX is demonstrating THX Media Director, a new technology that lets your HDTV and home audio system automatically configure itself for the best playback experience.

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