Press Play to take a tour of the THX system in the Lincoln MKX.

This week in Washington D.C., Lincoln is unveiling its 2011 Lincoln MKX crossover SUV, featuring the THX II Certified Audio system. This latest THX system puts competitors to shame with exclusive technology, pristine THX sound quality and incredible value for car buyers—only $995, a fraction of the price of other automakers.

What’s under the hood? 600 watts and 14 speakers, including an 8-inch subwoofer system and 12-channel DSP controlled amplifier. THX also developed an ingenious way to distribute sound around the vehicle cabin. Since most car speakers are inserted in doors near your feet, a THX Slot Speaker on the MKX dashboard helps raise the soundstage to ear level, and creates the ambience of a home theater.

But, what about surround sound? Can’t you only get true 5.1 from a few hard-to-find DVD-Audio titles? Not anymore. Through a partnership with DTS, the THX II Certified Audio system in the 2011 Lincoln MKX lets audiophiles rock-out with 5.1 surround sound from hundreds of radio stations, including many HD Radio™ broadcasts.

The THX system in the Lincoln MKX also features more ways to get your favorite music in the car. HD Radio delivers more than 1,000 subscription-free stations, Sirius gives you 130 digital channels, CDs deliver uncompressed music that mirrors the recording studio, USB-connectivity and Bluetooth brings your MP3 player’s digital music library to life. All of these music sources can be accessible using the new MyLincoln Touch™ interface.

And, only Lincoln features a “THX Demo Button,” giving driver and passengers the legendary THX Deep Note™ “OoommMMM” cinematic sound—anytime, anywhere. We’re not kidding. We actually put a THX Deep Note button in the Lincoln. Hit play. We dare you.

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