THX Media Director aims to simplify the consumer’s experience by automatically adjusting their A/V gear’s settings for optimal performance. With several new companies announcing a wide range of upcoming products and software, the THX Media Director ecosystem is expanding at a rapid rate.

On the content side, Rovi has announced that their Scenarist® and CineVision® authoring and encoding tools are now THX Media Director enabled. This ensures each title created with Rovi’s software can easily have metadata that tells a Blu-ray player, receiver, and TV what settings are ideal. And, to input this metadata information is a simple step that’s easily integrated into the normal disc authoring workflow.

More than just Blu-ray, though, RoxioNow™ streaming content has over 10,000 titles already programmed with THX Media Director metadata.

What Does this Mean?

For studios and other content providers, this means they now have access to tools that allow them to encode THX Media Director data for physical and streaming media. For consumers, this means anytime they watch a movie or TV show with this metadata, their THX Media Director enabled home theater devices will automatically configure themselves to the best possible settings.

Speaking of equipment, Logitech is joining LG, JVC, Epson, and Onkyo on the equipment side. Logitech plans to implement THX Media Director into future HDMI-based audio gear.

THX Media Director in Post-Production

The experience goes something like this: After a movie is shot and edited, CineVision encodes it. The director or other creative artists can instruct how a movie is supposed to look. This metadata is then stored, thanks to THX Media Director. The video and associated data is loaded into the Scenarist Blu-ray authoring software. This creates a file to imprint on the actual Blu-ray disc. Additional THX Media Director metadata can be associated at this stage depending on what the director intends. What is this data? Creative information, like aspect ratio, color profiles, 3D format, LFE (subwoofer) level, surround sound format and more can all be set ahead of time by the director.

Click here to learn more about THX Media Director integrated with Rovi’s CineVision and Scenarist production tools.

THX Media Director in the Home

When a consumer purchases and brings the Blu-ray disc home, the next stage of THX Media Director takes over. The disc is placed in their THX Media Director enabled devices, such as a Blu-ray player, receiver/surround sound system, and TV or projector. These devices then act upon the THX Media Director metadata, allowing them to make intelligent decisions to automatically adjust the audio and video settings for an optimal playback experience – just as the artist intended.

Thanks to Logitech, LG, Epson, JVC, and Onkyo, consumers will be able to purchase a wide range of audio and video products for a complete THX Media Director-friendly system. When watching a movie encoded or authored with one of Rovi’s software suites, or while streaming one of RoxioNow’s extensive library of titles, they can experience the artist’s true intent, all without navigating through any menus or pushing any buttons – except “play.”

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