LG THX Certified LE9500

The new LG INFINIA LED LCD and Plasma TV series are the first THX Certified TVs to feature THX Bright Room, a new playback setting for watching movies when you prefer to have the living room lights turned on.

“Because all rooms are unique in regards to lighting, the amount and type of light in the home theater can have a dramatic impact on how you perceive color and detail,” said John Dahl, director of education at THX. “THX Bright Room will provide home theater enthusiasts a playback setting that allows them to experience the rich details and vividness of their favorite movies when the lights are turned on and the window shades open.”

The goal of THX Bright Room Mode is to reproduce the HD Color Standard and other video settings used by filmmakers in dark mastering studios, with careful adjustments made for brighter environments. THX Bright Room Mode sets luminance, black levels, gamma and backlighting for typical bright room conditions. Users can access the THX Bright Room Mode in the Picture Settings menu using their LG remote.