The Aspect Ratio Police Take on the World

We’ve all experienced watching movies in the wrong aspect ratio. But help may be on the way thanks to a new blog site founded by Tony Hurd, a former FX professional from Industrial Light & Magic and The Orphanage.

Three Days in the Life: THX Video Tech Training

Guest Blogger, Jeff Murray shares his experiences attending THX Video Calibration Training.

Video Calibration Improves Energy Efficiency

A recent study by THX reveals an additional benefit to video calibration—energy savings. Beyond fine tuning picture quality for watching movies and sports programs, professional calibration improves an HDTV’s energy efficiency by up to 50 percent.

AV Forums Tours THX, Dives Deep into THX Certification

Phil Hinton and David Mackenzie of the AV Forums visited THX after CES in January to uncover the “secret sauce” behind THX testing and certification.

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