The Olympics: An Evolution of Technology

There are few events as epic in scale and international excitement as the Olympic Games. Every four years stars of track and field or slopes and ice, compete to achieve legendary status.

Bringing the Concert Home with AIX Records

AIX Records is a pioneer in modern content creation involving music performances, using the latest technologies to create industry leading products. Many of AIX’s new releases contain THX Media Director (link) technology. THX Media Director enables CE devices to select the most appropriate audio and video playback settings, based on creative intent helping to ensure an authentic and simplified user experience.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: A THX Man Cave

Most married men will testify that their wives have majority vote in the layout and decoration of almost every room in their home. In the kitchen she decided where the plates go, in the bathroom she picked out the chartreuse colored floor mats and matching hand towels, and only days after your wedding she likely [...]

What Makes Panasonic’s New GT50 THX Certified Displays So Special?

On April 11th Panasonic launched a seven-week 15-stop North American tour designed to give consumers a chance to experience Panasonic’s 2012 line-up of home entertainment, digital imaging, home appliance and personal care products, including its latest THX Certified GT50 series 3D televisions.

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