THX Offers 3D Tips to CEDIA Installers

So, you just bought a brand spanking new 3DTV, but the picture doesn’t look as good as the commercials promised. What’s wrong? Is it the TV, the 3D glasses, your room? This week at CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, THX is introducing a number of tips for the CEDIA community to get the most out of 3D projection systems and flat panel TVs. This includes guidelines for screen size, home viewing angles and room layouts.

CEDIA Expo: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Booth

Not since Chief Brody and Matt Hooper boarded the Orca for a fishing trip off Amity Island has anyone attempted something so absurd. So, when Epic Home Cinema and Procella Audio contacted us to discuss building a THX Certified Screening Room at CEDIA Expo, we didn’t know what to think.

THX Rocks the 2011 Lincoln MKX

This week in Washington D.C., Lincoln is unveiling its 2011 Lincoln MKX crossover SUV, featuring the THX II Certified Audio system. This latest THX system puts competitors to shame with exclusive technology, pristine THX sound quality and incredible value for car buyers—only $995, a fraction of the price of other automakers.

THX Tech Tip: Not Hearing Enough Bass From Your Subwoofer? It Could be your Room

Your subwoofer is a critical element in your home theater system. The low frequency from the subwoofer is what puts the boom in an explosion, the rumble in a spaceship and the thud in a gunshot. However, even the biggest and baddest subs may not meet your expectations if they aren’t placed and set up properly