Star Wars Complete Saga Becomes First THX Media Director Enabled Blu-ray

Imagine this: You unwrap a shiny new copy of your favorite Star Wars movie (doesn’t matter which one, we won’t judge). You place the disc in your Blu-ray player, and in moments the player, your receiver, and your television all subtly adjust to correctly configure their various settings, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Top 10 Tips to Maximize Your Summer Blockbuster Theater Experience

Are you headed to the movies this weekend to see one of Hollywood’s top blockbuster films? When spending up to $15 for a movie ticket, you want to make sure you are getting the best cinematic experience, but are you?

THX Professional Video Calibration & Home Theater Education @ CEDIA 2011

Developed to help you take your business to the next level, THX Video Calibration and Home Theater Workshops offer extensive insight and training on all aspects of HT custom installation and design. With the next set of workshops scheduled to take place in Indianapolis right after CEDIA, September 9 – 11, 2011, you will want to be sure to sign up now to secure your seat.

Home Theater Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

The key is finding gadgety gear that has the right features and performance to match Dad’s habits – while at the same time, getting something that rocks. Don’t freak out, THX is here to help. When you buy a gadget that is THX Certified, you know that you have found the right combination of high-quality, powerful performance that is totally cool. Just look for the THX logo to point you in the right direction.