THX recently sat down with Runco to discuss their Q-750 Projector that recently won the Sound and Vision 2010 Editor’s Choice Award. This Q & A session reveals some of the challenges and opportunities Runco came up against during product development and what it means to be THX Certified.

Q: How long has Runco been developing state-of-the-art home theater products?

A: Runco has been developing premium home video products since the 1970s, and was the world’s first company to offer a THX Certified video product with the introduction of the Runco LJR II Laser Disc Player in 1994. At the time, the LJR II was a breakthrough home video product. It brought the magic of George Lucas’s Star Wars and other great Laser Discs to life, inspiring a generation of home theater fans.

Q: What differentiates Runco projectors from others?

A: Runco sets the benchmark for quality and performance for premium home theater installations. Every Runco projector is hand-built and professionally installed and calibrated to meet the unique needs for each client’s playback environment. The combination of hand-crafted design with professional installation sets Runco apart from all others in the consumer electronics industry. It’s not surprising that when many of today’s biggest names in filmmaking design home theaters for their own homes, they often turn to Runco for our flawless performance.

Q: What were some challenges in developing the world’s first THX Certified LED projector?

A: The development of Runco’s InfiniLight™ LED illumination system presented many exciting opportunities and challenges for the Runco engineering team. We knew that our market would appreciate a lampless design, with long useful life. In fact, the Q-750i boasts over 50,000 hours of life (which if you watched one movie a day would last something like 68 years)! But beyond that, we wanted to harness the color potential of our new illumination system to create the world’s finest home theater product, worthy of the name Runco and the expectations of our clients. As a result, we developed our own proprietary color space, Runco Smart Color™ for life-like skin tone compensation, and Personal Color Equalizer™ to allow the professional installer to calibrate the projector with fine precision. All of these combine to create very compelling video performance that has garnered industry recognition.

Q: What are your favorite features of the Q-750 projectors?

A: In addition to the color performance mentioned previously, another benefit of Runco’s LED technology is the energy savings. We actually dim the LEDs in the illumination system to match the content. If the movie goes black (like the opening scenes from Pixar’s Cars) the LEDs turn completely off! It is very dramatic to watch. For other content, the InfiniLight™ LED illumination system modulates to provide the optimum brightness and contrast. This results in a power usage 70% below that of a typically-specified projector. Being able to deliver flawless THX Certified picture quality while reducing energy consumption, is a big plus for today’s home owners. The Q-750 also features a number of technologies and playback settings that are exclusive to Runco and are designed to let custom installers fine-tune the picture quality to perfection.

Q: With Runco being the first partner to launch a THX Certified Display, how has this relationship helped in the development of your products?

A: We were thrilled to be the first THX Certified Display partner. Working together with THX engineers, we helped shape the program and define a true quality standard for projectors and displays that much of the CE industry is still chasing. Today, our relationship with THX continues to help us push the boundaries of performance, as Runco engineers further refine color, light levels, video processing and other performance attributes across the entire product line-up that help define us as true leaders in home entertainment.

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