Not since Chief Brody and Matt Hooper boarded the Orca for a fishing trip off Amity Island has anyone attempted something so absurd. So, when Epic Home Cinema and Procella Audio contacted us to discuss building a THX Certified Screening Room at CEDIA Expo, we didn’t know what to think.

They couldn’t be serious, right? Why would anyone want to build an acoustically optimized THX home theater on a crowded, noisy trade show floor full of audiophiles, “AV know-it-alls” and journalists? It was impossible. We couldn’t possibly pull it off. Yet, we still agreed.

At CEDIA Expo this week in Atlanta, you can experience the first ever THX Certified Screening Room constructed on a trade show floor. Featured at Procella booth 4172, this demo room puts all others to shame. It is built to the same acoustic standards as a full-blown commercial theater and showcases THX Certified and THX Approved products from Integra, Pioneer, Runco, Meridian, Stewart Filmscreen and QSC Audio.

The THX Certified Screening Room at CEDIA Expo is also the perfect venue to show off Procella Audio’s flagship THX Approved speaker system and Epic Home Cinema’s unique acoustical and aesthetic design.

Will it pass THX certification testing? Will it sound good? Judge for yourself at booth 4172.