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James Cameron’s Avatar shattered all worldwide box office records and set the bar for 3D performance when it was released in cinemas. Now, the blue world of Pandora is coming home on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. This week’s much anticipated 2D release of Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD also includes something special—THX certification for sound and video quality.

THX and its post-production partner BluFocus were tasked with ensuring Mr. Cameron’s masterpiece maintained its artistic detail as the sound and visuals moved from mastering and encoding through the rest of the Blu-ray and DVD production chain. This in itself is no easy task. Anytime audio and visual materials are mastered and encoded for optical disc, many things can go wrong, resulting in degradation to image quality. This was avoided, however, through the implementation of THX quality control processes and techniques for Certifying Blu-ray Discs and DVDs.

What is THX Blu-ray Disc certification?

Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

At each step in the production chain, a movie’s visual images are analyzed frame-by-frame. THX trained engineers compare them to the high definition masters to make sure they retain the sharpness and detail found in the original master elements. In addition, the audio elements are fully evaluated to make sure they meet studio reference levels and remain faithful to the master recordings.

The whole THX Blu-ray and DVD certification process helps pinpoint any digital artifacts or flaws long before discs hit mass production. The result of all of this work is a pristine Blu-ray Disc and DVD presentation in your home theater.

The BluFocus lab, which is the official Testing Center for the Blu-ray Disc Association and THX Blu-ray Disc certification, also performs Player Verification tests to ensure Blu-ray discs deliver a seamless, issue-free customer experience.

Where is the THX Trailer?

Wait until the end of the movie after the credits for the THX Amazing Life Trailer in HD and full-blown 5.1 surround sound .

Avatar on Blu-ray Disc and DVD is now available through major retailers and online outlets. Go out and buy it today.

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