THX tune-up™– your Super Bowl Game Plan for Improved Picture Quality

The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967. No one thought the event would spawn billions in advertising dollars and 46 years later be the reason 100 million pounds of chicken wings are eaten in a single day. In fact, no one even bothered to keep a copy of this first Super Bowl [...]

THX and Sontia: Partnering to Bring Big (Quality) Audio to Small Devices

The growing popularity of mobile devices is changing the landscape of consumer entertainment. With 50 percent of adult Americans owning either a smart phone or a tablet or both, according to a recent Pew Research report, the television is rapidly ceding ground as the device of choice for entertainment.

When does 4K Matter?

Over the past few months, leading CE manufacturers began announcing the availability of new Ultra HD televisions capable of displaying 4K content. You might have already read articles either outlining why you should invest in an Ultra HD set, or on the opposite spectrum, why Ultra HD televisions are not necessary for the average consumer. So when does it actually matter if your television’s resolution is 4K versus standard high definition?

THX Home Theater Made Easy – Modern Challenges

There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on upgrading your home theater system to sit and watch the first film with utter disappointment. Crackling speakers through which you can’t understand any dialogue, a display that reflects the window behind the sofa instead of a fine-tuned picture, and a subwoofer that seems to do [...]

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