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A THX Certified Studio is a motion picture dubbing theater where directors, sound designers and mixers bring soundtracks to life. These studios are meticulously designed to THX performance specifications to accurately capture every bass note, surround effect and piece of dialogue during the mixing session.

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Approved Equipment Lists

Every THX Approved product is rigorously tested to ensure it meets THX standards for outstanding performance.

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THX Certified Studio Specifications

THX Certified Studios and pm3 rooms are designed to offer the world’s premier standard for quality.

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THX Certified Screening Room

THX Certified Screening rooms blend the acoustic performance and aural impact of a full blown cinema auditorium, providing the ultimate critical viewing environment.

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THX Certified pm3 Studio

THX engineered pm3 studios are critical for pre-mixing and monitoring films, editing HDTV programs and producing multi-channel music and video games.

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THX Certified Studio

From Skywalker Sound to Park Road Post, THX Certified Studios are the choice of award-winning filmmakers, sound designers and recording artists.

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THX works with consumer electronics manufacturers to design and build the finest home audio and video products.

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