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THX Certified Studio

From Skywalker Sound to Park Road Post, THX Certified Studios are the choice of award-winning filmmakers, sound designers and recording artists.

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The THX Training Advantage

Born out of the Star Wars legacy and tied to world’s most acclaimed filmmakers and premium home entertainment products, no other brand resonates with consumers as deeply, and with greater trust than THX.

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THX Home Theater 1 Professional Workshop

Immerse yourself in everything THX with this introductory, 1-day training course covering the theories and principles of home theater design, room acoustics and product certification.

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THX Home Theater 2 Professional Workshop

Dive deep into home theater acoustics and design, treatments, isolation and AV hardware placement in this 2-day, intense course.

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What CE Pros are Saying

THX Certified Professional, Jeff Alegria

THX recently interviewed Jeff Alegria, owner of Audio Video Dimensions. Jeff discusses how he became a custom installer and what it means to be a THX Certified Professional.

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THX works with consumer electronics manufacturers to design and build the finest home audio and video products.

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A THX Certified Installer can ensure that you are getting the most out of your entertainment experience.