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THX Certified Cinema Reverberation Control

Reverberation is the presence of sound after its source has stopped – much like an echo. In a movie theater, reverberation often builds as sound reflects off surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings.

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THX Auditorium Isolation

THX Certified Cinemas are quiet. They feature massive wall structures to isolate the cinema from the outside world—creating a pristine audio sanctuary.

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Speaker Layout and Baffle Wall

Unique to every THX Certified Cinema is the THX “baffle wall.” If you were to peel away the screen at any THX Certified Cinema, you will see a massive wall of speakers housed in an acoustic baffle (speaker system enclosure).

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THX Certified Cinemas

THX defines standards for cinema acoustics, background noise, sound isolation and image quality—promising every seat in the house is a good one.

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THX Cinema Services

THX offers on-site digital cinema installation and integration services to ensure a smooth transition from film-based to digital cinema systems.

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The TASA standard’s intent is to equalize the sound volume of theatrical trailers so that they come close to matching the volume of the features that they precede.

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Approved Equipment Lists

Every THX Approved product is rigorously tested to ensure it meets THX standards for outstanding performance.

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THX Certified Studio Specifications

THX Certified Studios and pm3 rooms are designed to offer the world’s premier standard for quality.

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THX Certified Screening Room

THX Certified Screening rooms blend the acoustic performance and aural impact of a full blown cinema auditorium, providing the ultimate critical viewing environment.

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THX Certified pm3 Studio

THX engineered pm3 studios are critical for pre-mixing and monitoring films, editing HDTV programs and producing multi-channel music and video games.

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