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The TASA Certification Process

Information on the required process of submitting trailers to THX for TASA Certification

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THX Certified Video Calibration Level 1 & 2 (CES 2016)

Level 1: January 9, 2016
Level 2: January 10 & 11, 2016
Las Vegas, NV

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THX Digital Cinema HD Video Encoder Certification

The THX Digital Cinema HD Video Encoder Certification Program entails rigorous testing using a sophisticated, state-of-the-art digital picture quality analyzer and viewer verification where THX golden-eye experts validate the video output of a professional grade encoder.
The term “HD quality” for internet streaming has been heavily debated and broadly marketed – with no real consensus on [...]

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SonicPool Partner Profile

A THX Certified Studio is a motion picture dubbing theater where directors, sound designers and mixers bring soundtracks to life. These studios are meticulously designed to THX performance specifications to accurately capture every bass note, surround effect and piece of dialogue during the mixing session.

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THX Optimizer Glasses

Purchase your THX Blue filter optimizer glasses to take full advantage of the Optimizer tool found on THX Certified DVDs Blu-ray discs and the TiVo® Premiere XL DVR.

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THX Video Calibration 2 Professional Workshop

THX Certified Video Calibration 2 is the industry’s most hands-on training available for video calibration professionals today. This course is geared to advanced students who have already completed THX Video Calibration 1 or an equivalent calibration course recognized by THX.

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THX Video Calibration 1 Professional Workshop

THX Certified Video Calibration 1 is a one-day introductory course designed for those looking to join the ranks of professional calibrators. The course also serves as a prerequisite for THX Video Calibration 2, which is required before you are able to offer your clients THX Certified Video Calibrations.

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THX Professional Representatives

THX Professional Representatives are located around the world, providing consulting services on building THX Certified Cinemas and Studios.

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THX Certified Cinema Projected Image

To achieve THX certification, the cinema projection booth must be accurately placed in relation to the screen for the best viewing experience.

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