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THX 3D Certified Displays at CES at 2011

THX 3D Certified Displays and Home Theater Projectors deliver 3D movie experiences with the stunning depth and detail found in 3D movie theaters. Offering the industry’s first and only benchmark for 3D quality, THX is dedicated to ensuring home theater enthusiasts have a no-compromise 3D experience.

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THX Media Director at CES 2011

At CES 2011, THX will unveil an ecosystem of CE manufacturers and content distributors who have all pledged support for THX Media Director. This collection of THX partners, which includes LG Electronics, Onkyo, JVC, Epson and Sonic Solutions, share a common goal of delivering unsurpassed quality and ease-of-use.

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THX Audio Technology Showcase

At CES 2011, THX is showcasing a number of innovative technologies and product concepts that promise to forever change the face of home audio. Laurie Fincham, THX Chief Scientist, will demonstrate the THX Steerable Line Array technology, an innovative sound solution that creates multiple sweet spots in any home theater by directing unique beams of sound to every seat.

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