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Runco Partner Profile

Runco marked the launch of the THX Certified Display program by introducing the world’s first THX Certified projector back at CEDIA 2006. Now, with a strong line-up of THX Certified projectors, Runco’s cutting-edge technology and refined craftsmanship continues to ensure sharp, vibrant pictures with every frame.

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THX 3D Certified Displays

THX 3D Certified Projectors deliver 3D movie experiences with the stunning clarity and detail found in the filmmaker’s studio. As the only internationally recognized performance benchmark for TVs and Home Theater Projectors, THX certification is reserved for products with best-in-class picture quality.

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THX Certified Acoustic Materials

Acoustic Materials Certified by THX provide home theater designers and architects the tools to meet the sound isolation demands of commercial cinemas, recording studios and premium home theaters.

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Logitech Partner Profile

For nearly a decade, THX and Logitech have worked together to revolutionize desktop speaker system performance. Beginning with the THX Certified Z-560 in 2001, the collaboration continues to produce awe-inspiring audio products, perfect for PC gaming, sound and video editing and watching your favorite movies.

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Onkyo Partner Profile

Onkyo served as the driving force behind developing the industry’s first THX Certified audio-video receiver in 1994—the Onkyo TX-SV919THX. More than a decade later, the Onkyo and THX collaboration have provided consumers numerous groundbreaking THX Certified products, including loudspeakers, AV receivers and THX Certified Blu-ray Disc players.

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LG Partner Profile

The INFINIA LE 9500 Series are the only LED LCD TVs to receive THX certification in the U.S. market and will be LG’s first 3D-ready models.

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THX Optimizer Subwoofer Crossover

Although in 5.1 sound systems there is a discrete channel for the low frequencies – LFE (subwoofer), low frequencies can still exist in the left, center, and right channels, depending on the soundtrack.

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THX Optimizer Speaker Phase

In order for your speakers to faithfully reproduce the sound field, your speakers must all be wired the same way (or in-phase).

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THX Optimizer Speaker Assignment

This test verifies that the speaker channel assignments are correct for a 5.1-channel or 7.1 sound system (left output from the receiver is going to the left speaker, center output to the center speaker, etc.) and that the audio output is balanced.

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THX Optimizer Final Test

This section of the THX Optimizer testing process will play a selected scene from the movie if available.

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