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THX Optimizer Subwoofer Crossover

Although in 5.1 sound systems there is a discrete channel for the low frequencies – LFE (subwoofer), low frequencies can still exist in the left, center, and right channels, depending on the soundtrack.

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THX Optimizer Speaker Phase

In order for your speakers to faithfully reproduce the sound field, your speakers must all be wired the same way (or in-phase).

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THX Optimizer Speaker Assignment

This test verifies that the speaker channel assignments are correct for a 5.1-channel or 7.1 sound system (left output from the receiver is going to the left speaker, center output to the center speaker, etc.) and that the audio output is balanced.

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THX Optimizer Final Test

This section of the THX Optimizer testing process will play a selected scene from the movie if available.

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THX Optimizer Aspect Ratio

This test looks similar to the 4:3 Aspect Ratio test, but the 16:9 Aspect Ratio test pattern is used to make sure that your DVD player is set to the proper display mode.

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THX Optimizer Monitor Check

The 4:3 aspect ratio circle and boxes will determine your video monitor’s alignment for a 4:3 aspect ratio display.

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THX Optimizer Monitor Performance

This procedure is designed to let you optimize the way the overall television/monitor’s picture resolution looks.

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THX Optimizer Color and Tint Set-Up

Color and Tint (also known as “hue”) settings work together to create the correct color imaging for the picture.

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THX Optimizer Brightness Set-Up

For the brightness test, THX Optimizer provides a signal that displays two bars containing ten shades of black at the top and bottom of the screen, the THX logo, and a drop shadow behind the THX logo.

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Contrast & Picture Setup

Settings for contrast (white levels) and brightness (black levels) are critical to the proper viewing of a picture on a video monitor or television.

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