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Benchmark Partner Profile

Introducing the Benchmark AHB2. The world’s first amplifier featuring THX Achromatic™ Audio Amplifier Technology. THX AAA™ delivers the most accurate performance of any amplification technology now available revealing every detail of even the most dynamic hi-resolution content.

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Epson Partner Profile

Home 3D doesn’t always deliver on its promise. Image quality can suffer, colors can appear washed out and motion can appear choppy. Not so with Epson’s line of THX Certified 3D projectors.

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THX tune-up™ App for Android

THX tune-up is a two screen app that helps you check and properly adjust your TV, projector and speakers so you get the most out of your home entertainment system. THX tune-up is completely interactive and you can go through it at your own pace – in any order.

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THX tune-up® for Android FAQ

After reading through the FAQ, if you are still having trouble using the THX tune-up app for Android, please email
1. I cannot see the THX tune-up app on the Google Play Store. Why not?

If you cannot see the THX tune-up app on the Google Play Store it is because your [...]

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THX 4K Certified Displays

THX 4K Certified Displays present content in Ultra HD reso-lution with image clarity never before seen in the display market, bringing the entertainment experience to life.

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M&K Sound Partner Profile

For nearly 40 years MK Sound has been building loudspeakers used in post-production studios and screening rooms around the globe, including THX Certified Skywalker Sound where they were used in making Star Wars Episodes I, II and III. Collaborative efforts between MK Sound and THX have created loudspeakers revered by professionals and home theater enthusiasts for dynamic range, vocal clarity and powerful bass.

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THX tune-up™ iOS FAQ

Click here to check out the new video previewing the THX tune-up ™ app. After watching the video and reading through the FAQ, if you’re still having any trouble using the THX tune-up app, please email
1. When connecting my iDevice with Apple TV, why are the pictures and adjustments patterns not appearing [...]

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THX tune-up™ App for iOS

THX tune-up™ allows you to properly adjust your TV, projector and speakers, helping you get the most out of your entertainment system.

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THX Speaker Bar Certification Brochure

For consumers who crave power and performance of movie and music sound systems in a convenient, integrated speaker and subwoofer combination, THX customized standards and benchmarks specific to delivering a solution to this growing need in the market.

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Indy Audio Labs Partner Profile

Indy Audio Labs is an AV equipment manufacturer based in Indianapolis which sells products under the Aragon and Acurus brands. The first Indy Audio Labs product to receive THX certification was the Acurus A2002 amplifier in August 2011.

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