Park Road Post THX Certified Studio

Park Road Post THX Certified Studio

A THX Certified Studio is a motion picture dubbing theater where directors, sound designers and mixers bring movie soundtracks to life. These studios are meticulously designed to THX performance specifications to accurately capture every bass note, surround effect and piece of dialogue during the mixing session. By focusing on room design and acoustics, including the quality of the studio production equipment, THX provides filmmakers and recording artists the ultimate environment to mix their magic.

Today, the world’s premier mixing studios are THX Certified, including Skywalker Sound at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Ranch, Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post in New Zealand and Twentieth Century Fox in Hollywood.

What is a THX Certified Studio?

  • Precision engineering: studio acoustics, optimized speaker layouts, THX Approved equipment and calibrated audio/video systems combine to create an ideal environment for sound recording, design and mixing.
  • Creative and quality control: Provides filmmakers confidence that what they are hearing during mixing sessions will translate the same to the cinema and home.
  • Neutral studio: THX ensures a transparent environment where the room has minimal effect on the mix.

From the Studio to the Cinema

A THX Certified Cinema is built to replicate the acoustics and ambiance of the THX Certified Studio environment. From the surround sound speakers and screen placement to the acoustic baffle wall and sound isolation, THX Certified Cinemas allow moviegoers to be completely immersed in the storyline – enjoying every detail of the movie’s sound effects, score, dialogue and visual presentation—exactly like it was produced in the studio.

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