THX Speaker Layout and Baffle Wall

Unique to every THX Certified Cinema is the THX “baffle wall.” If you were to peel away the screen at any THX Certified Cinema, you will see a massive wall of speakers housed in an acoustic baffle (speaker system enclosure).

The baffle wall is approximately the same size as the screen, providing a solid, smooth and uninterrupted surface to distribute sound throughout the auditorium. It produces a large sound image and accurately tracks sound elements with the onscreen action. This makes panning shots and off-screen sounds more believable and natural, helping to pull audiences into the storyline. Without a baffle wall, sound is uncontrolled – producing a weak, uneven image.

With the baffle wall

The baffle wall in a THX Certified Cinema controls the sound behind the screen – projecting a smooth audio experience out to the audience.

Without the baffle wall

Without the baffle wall, sound is uncontrolled behind the screen – producing a weak sound image that “jumps” across the screen.

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