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CEDIA 2006, Denver, CO, September 14, 2006 – Today THX Ltd. introduced the world’s first performance benchmark and certification program for high definition (HD) displays. The THX Certified Display program will enable manufacturers to create HDTV products that deliver the sharpest and most detailed images possible using today’s state-of-the-art technologies. The new THX certification addresses all of the leading display technologies, including LCD, Plasma, DLP® rear and front projection, LCoS, SED®, Laser and other emerging applications.

Today, consumers are forced to sort through a sea of new technologies, product specs and marketing claims to select an HDTV that best fits their home entertainment needs. They must evaluate product categories, picture resolution, screen sizes and compatibility with other products—to name just a few. While display manufacturers all claim high quality and performance, most evaluation techniques and benchmarks differ between manufacturers and product categories.

“As HDTV adoption continues to increase around the globe, the need for an industry-wide performance standard is becoming critical to simplifying consumer purchasing decisions,” said Patrick Dunn, director of display technology at THX Ltd. “With the THX Certified Display program, we are challenging display manufacturers to make better performing products, and deliver a level of quality that’s being demanded by their customers and the artists who create the content.”

The THX Certified Display program provides manufacturers a means to differentiate products from competitive offerings. It also communicates a clear message about quality to potential customers. And THX is involved at each step of the development process, working closely with display manufacturers from early design concepts to product rollout. Displays are sent to THX testing laboratories during the prototype stage, where they are run through a series of THX performance tests, including front-of-screen testing and video signal processing analysis. These tests ensure that each display can present all HD and standard definition content at the maximum resolution with the correct color and luminance levels.

THX also evaluates how each display responds to a variety of playback material in an effort to identify and minimize sources of motion artifacts, image ghosting, dropped frames and picture noise. After initial product testing is complete, reports are submitted to the manufacturers with recommendations for product modifications. Testing is repeated until the display meets all THX performance requirements.

THX Certified Display testing includes the following:

  • Front of Screen (FOS) Testing
    • Luminance
    • Contrast
    • Color Gamut
    • Gamma
    • Uniformity
    • Max Resolution
  • Video Signal Processing Testing
    • Scaling
    • Deinterlacing
    • Motion/Video Conversion

“Developing a certification for HD displays represents a natural evolution for THX, and serves as an extension of our work in home theater and DVD mastering,” said Richard Dean, vice president of technology development at THX Ltd. “At the heart of every THX initiative is the audience experience. Regardless of whether the product is an LCD display or 7.1 surround sound system, THX certification is about accurately representing sound and visuals the way filmmakers, TV directors, musicians or game developers envisioned. The THX Certified Display program leverages more than two decades of film, post-production and consumer electronics expertise to do just this.”

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