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Showest 2008, Las Vegas, March 10, 2008 – THX Ltd. and Cinemark Holdings, Inc today announced that Cinemark Theatres will add more than 200 THX Certified screens domestically, bringing the total number of Cinemark screens with THX certification to more than 500. Cinemark will be rolling out the THX certification program in major metropolitan areas across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver.

“Cinemark and THX share a common vision of driving advancements in film exhibition. THX has a strong association with great movie experiences, and is instantly recognized by movie audiences around the world for sound and image excellence,” said Tim Warner, President of Cinemark Holdings. “By extending THX certification to more than 500 of our theatres, it further communicates our commitment to delivering the best movie-going experience to our customers.”

THX Certified cinemas are precisely engineered to meet THX requirements for sound and visual quality, focusing on surround sound and acoustic performance and projection technology. THX gets involved early in the design process, working with cinema architects and builders to ensure sound effects, music and dialogue can be accurately distributed throughout the cinema auditorium, and background noise from other cinemas, parking lots and lobby concessions do not distract from the feature presentation.

“With nearly 25 years of experience in cinema design and certification, THX has mastered the art of presenting high impact experiences in movie theaters,” said Robert Hewitt, vice president of sales at THX. “THX has shared a long and successful partnership with Cinemark Theatres, having teamed with them to create some of the nation’s premiere cinema venues, and we are thrilled to extend this relationship to more and more movie-goers around the country.”

Moviegoers recognize the difference THX brings to the cinema experience. A recent Nielsen NRG study revealed that U.S. moviegoers associated THX with the best sound systems, excellent picture quality, the most advanced technologies and a more exciting movie-going experience.

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Headquartered in Plano, TX, Cinemark is a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry. As of September 30, 2007, Cinemark operates 404 theatres and 4,596 screens in 38 states in the United States and internationally in 12 countries, mainly in Mexico, South and Central America. For more information go to

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