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Compact Technology Design Provides Energy Efficiency and Superior All-Analog Sound Quality

LAS VEGAS (CES 2012 – Renaissance Hospitality Suites #632 and #639) – January 10, 2012 – THX Ltd. today announced a new, patented all-analog amplification technology that delivers superior sound quality in an energy efficient, compact design. This scalable THX technology enables the low-profile design of cool-running, high-powered amplifiers for use in everything from HDTVs, powered speakers, automotive audio systems and handheld devices to performance-driven applications, such as top-of-the-line audio/video receivers and audiophile-quality amplifiers. The fully analog design delivers sound quality on par with the finest Class A/B amplifiers while eliminating the radio-frequency emissions problems that plague most digital amplifiers.

“In the last few years, we’ve seen increased consumer demand for high-quality sound. Yet consumers don’t want to sacrifice space or design in order to get top audio performance,” said Brent Butterworth, contributing technical editor and home entertainment technology expert. “Thanks to the emergence of technologies such as high-efficiency amplifiers, it’s now possible to get outstanding performance from decor-friendly products such as desktop systems, sound docks and compact audio electronics.”

THX amplification technology addresses these demands by enabling consumer electronics manufacturers to create audio amplifiers that require a fraction of the power typically needed for such a device while still delivering premium quality, richly detailed audio performance.

“Having spent nearly 30 years measuring and setting audio and video standards that are difficult yet achievable, THX has developed an original approach to amplifier design to produce high performance sound quality while being energy efficient,” said Laurie Fincham, senior vice president of audio research and development, THX Ltd. “This unique patented combination of a flexible format using low-profile components which allows for compact designs presents new opportunities for CE manufacturers, enabling them to be highly innovative in creating powerful and cool audio designs for consumers in the home, in the car and on the go.”

THX at CES 2012

THX will be showcasing the new analog amplifier technology at CES 2012 in the Renaissance Hospitality Suites, as well as making some additional announcements at the show. For the latest THX news from CES 2012, please visit the THX Compact Speaker System™ and THX Media Director™ press releases.

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