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CES 2007, Las Vegas, January 8, 2007 – THX Ltd. and Neural Audio Corporation today announced that they will jointly develop and market surround sound technology solutions to the content creation community and consumer electronics manufacturers. Under the terms of the deal, Neural Audio will work with THX to develop its next generation Neural Surround™ product suite to enable CE devices, broadcasters, video game developers and emerging content distribution channels to deliver true, multi-channel surround sound presentations using existing stereo channels.

This joint THX-Neural branded technology will first appear in AV receivers by Sony, Onkyo and other leading brands. Prototypes are available for preview on the showroom floor at the THX booth # 20914 South Hall.

Through professional broadcast companies such as Harris Corporation, Broadcast Communications Division and Pro Audio dealers, the THX-Neural Surround solution will provide a means for broadcasters to encode 5.1-content, during a live mix or post session; then transmit the content in a two channel format to home audiences worldwide. The content is then decoded back to 5.1 by THX-Neural-enabled home AV receivers which provide consumers with a full blown surround sound experience while reducing the bandwidth needed for broadcasters to deliver sound content.

Additionally, for next generation video game titles, the THX-Neural Surround solution will enable the creation of true 7.1 soundtracks on platforms that currently only support 5.1 channels. This allows sound designers to push the creative limits of their sound effects, dialogue and musical score, producing more interactive, 360 degree soundtracks that pull gamers closer to the action.

“This partnership with Neural is an extension of the ongoing commitment THX has to developing innovative ways to experience digital entertainment,” said Rick Dean, vice president of technology development at THX. “Unlike traditional matrix-encoded technologies, the THX-Neural solution enables sound designers and mixers to better pinpoint sound effects, ambient sound and other audio elements in the surround field, providing for more immersive entertainment experiences, which is what THX does best.”

“THX has played a critical role in the evolution of surround sound in both professional and consumer markets, and the THX brand is recognized and trusted by audiences worldwide,” said Mark Seigle, Neural Audio president and chief operating officer. “We look forward to working together to develop joint surround sound technologies aimed at improving the audience experience and addressing the technical challenges of emerging entertainment platforms and distribution channels.”

Neural Surround technology has already been implemented by leading television and radio broadcast stations and CE manufacturers. Neural Surround also powers XM Satellite Radio’s XM HD Surround, which provides original surround content to XM listeners across the U.S. on channels 76 (Fine Tuning) and 113 (POPS).

“The THX-Neural announcement is very exciting because it brings broadcast and consumer technologies together to deliver the excitement of live events without compromise,” says Fred Aldous, FOX Sports Audio consultant / Sr. Mixer. “I want my mix to leave the broadcast truck and hit the home consumer as I intended. Fans deserve the best.”

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Neural Audio, through its Neural Surround™ THX® Technologies brand and unique audio optimization technologies, has become the key enabler in the delivery of high quality content for the TV, radio, game, Internet, home theatre and mobile markets. Key broadcast partners and customers such as THX, Ltd., XM Satellite Radio, Yamaha, Sony and Harris Corporation have adopted Neural Audio technologies to provide the best quality audio available today to their customers. A privately owned company, Neural Audio Corporation is based in Kirkland, Washington. For more information, please visit

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