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Runco marked the launch of the THX Certified Display program by introducing the world’s first THX Certified projector back at CEDIA 2006. Now, with a strong line-up of THX Certified projectors, Runco’s cutting-edge technology and refined craftsmanship continues to ensure sharp, vibrant pictures with every frame.

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THX Certified TVs & Projectors

In the studio, every shadow, color and detail is carefully adjusted to deliver the right mood and impact. Only THX Certified TVs and projectors, featuring THX Cinema Mode, let you recreate this experience at home with the push of a button.

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How do you calculate the best seat-to-screen distance for a TV or projection screen? Divide the size of your screen by .84 (screen size is measured diagonally).

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THX TV and Projector Buyer Guide

Looking for the right TV or projector? Check out these helpful tips before your next trip to the mall.

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THX works with consumer electronics manufacturers to design and build the finest home audio and video products.

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