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THX Rocks the 2011 Lincoln MKX

This week in Washington D.C., Lincoln is unveiling its 2011 Lincoln MKX crossover SUV, featuring the THX II Certified Audio system. This latest THX system puts competitors to shame with exclusive technology, pristine THX sound quality and incredible value for car buyers—only $995, a fraction of the price of other automakers.

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Vote for the Newest Lincoln Artist

Now you can vote for the next artist to be featured on Lincoln’s newest TV commercial. Go to to learn more about the five nominees and cast your vote.

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Ford Unveils MyLincoln Touch

Automakers haven’t always been known as technology visionaries. But, times they are a changing. At this year’s CES, Ford unveiled MyLincoln Touch, a new user interface and connectivity system that eliminates traditional dials and buttons in favor of “mobile phone” style touch screen controls.

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