THX Certified BGX-4850 In-wall Subwoofer

THX Certified BGX-4850 In-wall Subwoofer

Most of us have experienced deep bass rattling walls, windows and doors in the home and car. THX Balanced Bass-line provides the ability for speaker manufacturers to deliver big-box bass performance—minus the vibrations.

THX Balanced Bass-line breaks the mold of traditional subwoofer designs—getting the sub out of the big box. The technology places small, micro-precision woofers face-to-face, arranged in balanced pairs. This approach force cancel vibrations, ensuring deep low frequency performance without vibrations discoloring soundtracks or intruding into adjacent rooms.

THX Balanced Bass-line Features

  • Tight Bass Performance: Experience natural sounding bass exactly like it was recorded, without shaking the walls loose.
  • Shape Shifting Designs: THX Balanced Bass-line allows speaker manufacturers to produce very natural, vibration-free bass from smaller, more stylized systems.

The BG Radia BGX-4850 Subwoofer System

THX Balanced Bass-line was first introduced in the BG BGX-4850 in-wall subwoofer for custom home theater installations. The BGX-4850 consists of four separate in-wall bass modules driven by the BGA-2104 rack-mountable power amplifier/DSP equalizer controller. Each bass module contains twelve micro-precision woofers, each sealed in an airtight enclosure, and arranged in six balanced pairs. The four modules have a total radiating area equal to two 18 inch drivers, yet fit completely inside a standard 2×4-inch stud-wall.

Hailed by critics and audiophiles alike, the BGX-4850 won “Best of CEDIA 2009” and the 2009 CEA Mark of Excellence Award.

Available Now

The BGX-4850 is currently available to order from your BG Radia representative. Visit BG Radia for more information.