Thx At Cedia 2011

Through ongoing collaboration with content creators, chipset manufacturers and CE manufacturers, THX is expanding the MD ecosystem, helping to improve and facilitate entertainment viewing and listening experience for consumers. At CEDIA 2011, THX is unveiling support from leading semiconductor chip companies that are critical to expanding the THX Media Director™ foundation as this will enable CE device manufacturers to easily implement THX Media Director functionality into devices that utilize these components, such as Blu-ray players, AV receivers, displays (2D/3D) and projectors.

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THX® Expands THX Media Director™ Ecosystem
INDIANAPOLIS (CEDIA 2011 – Booth # 1543), September 8, 2011—THX Ltd. today announced that Analog Devices, Sigma Designs, Silicon Image and Quantum Data, are providing industry-leading silicon solutions and HDMI protocol testing platform support that now make it easier for CE manufacturers to implement THX Media Director™ into Blu-ray players, AV receivers, TVs and projectors.
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THX Media Director Enabled Star Wars Blu-ray Box Set
Star Wars is certainly going to be this year’s biggest Blu-ray release. THX and Lucasfilm worked closely together to optimize the movies for Blu-ray (all six are THX Certified), not just for picture and sound, but including Media Director.
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What is THX Media Director?
The entertainment experience has grown complex with new features, formats and delivery methods. THX Media Director addresses this challenge, enabling digital media and devices to configure themselves for a more simplified user experience.