Thx At Cedia 2011

Following CEDIA 2011, THX provides its critically-acclaimed educational workshops and training programs for CEDIA installers, video calibrators and retailers to refine skills and earn THX Certified Professional title. Join THX experts, John Dahl, director of education and senior fellow, Gregg Loewen and Michael Chen, THX Certified video instructors, for a hands-on teaching in both calibration and home theater setup. THX will educate how to resolve performance of home theater devices based on consumer home’s unique environment to achieve best performance for each space.

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THX Home Theater 1 Professional WorkshopTHX Home Theater 1 – September 11, 2011
The THX Certified Professional Home Theater 1 Workshop provides consumer electronics professionals with the knowledge and training to assist end users with the selection of home theater equipment, basic system set up and calibration.
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THX-Certified-Professional-HT2THX Home Theater 2 – September 12-13, 2011
Building upon the Home Theater 1 Workshop, this Home Theater 2 course provides in-depth training on room acoustics and design, wall treatments and isolation, and AV hardware selection and placement. Hands-on training techniques are incorporated into this comprehensive program – detailing system set up, speaker positioning and audio calibration.
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THX Certified Professional Video CalibrationTHX Video Calibration 1 – September 11, 2011
THX Certified Video Calibration 1is a one-day introductory course designed for those looking to join the ranks of professional calibrators. The course also serves as a prerequisite for THX Video Calibration 2, which is required before you are able to offer your clients THX Certified Video Calibrations.
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THX Certified Professional Video CalibrationTHX Video Calibration 2 – September 12-13, 2011
THX Certified Video Calibration 2 is the industry’s most hands-on training available for video calibration professionals today. This course is geared to advanced students who have already completed THX Video Calibration 1 or an equivalent calibration course recognized by THX.
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THX Professional Video Calibration & Home Theater Education @ CEDIA 2011
Developed to help you take your business to the next level, THX Video Calibration and Home Theater Workshops offer extensive insight and training on all aspects of HT custom installation and design.
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