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THX Certified TiVo® Premiere Elite DVR

THX Certified DVRs have reshaped the home entertainment experience, giving you the ultimate control over your TV viewing schedule. With THX certification, you never miss a detail of your favorite TV programs. THX ensures both your sound and video experiences are captured and replayed by DVRs with the clarity and vividness of the original broadcast signal.

THX Certified DVR Performance

  • True to the broadcast source: THX certification ensures the quality of sound and picture remains true to the original broadcast source.
  • Pristine video processing: THX makes sure spurious objects, macro-blocking, mosquito noise and artifacts are minimized when recording and playing back standard definition content.
  • Premium audio and video quality: THX certification gives you the confidence the DVR can be added to your THX Certified HDTV, receiver and surround sound system to deliver stellar sound and visual performances.
  • THX Optimizer: Easy to use video calibration tool that allows you to fine-tine color, black levels and other settings for the best possible picture performance, which is exclusive in the TiVo Premiere XL and Elite box.

Why is THX Certification Needed?

THX makes sure your HD video experience is never compromised. THX engineers conduct in-depth analysis of image quality and signal processing to ensure DVRs record and replay with accurate color, contrast, and black/white levels—without softening the picture or producing distracting artifacts. THX subjects DVRs to side-by-side analysis of recorded content versus original “over-the-air” material to ensure the picture is never degraded from record to playback.

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