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Introducing THX 3D Certified Displays

THX 3D Certified Projectors deliver 3D movie experiences with the stunning clarity and detail found in the filmmaker’s studio. As the only internationally recognized performance benchmark for TVs and Home Theater Projectors, THX certification is reserved for products with best-in-class picture quality.

During the THX 3D certification process, more than 400 laboratory tests are conducted, evaluating Left and Right Eye images for color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing performance. Testing is critical because THX 3D Certified Projectors must present both Left and Right Eye images accurately, with minimal artifacts, to ensure a pristine 3D effect for the viewer.

Great 2D performance is also mandatory for THX 3D Display certification. All THX 3D Certified Displays undergo a rigorous design and laboratory testing process to ensure exceptional 2D and 3D image quality — giving the consumer the best entertainment performance now and for the future.

Performance Benefits

  • 400 Bench Tests: THX testing delivers accurate images and pristine video processing performance in both Left and Right Eye images.
  • Accurate Color Reproduction: 3D adds a layer of complexity to achieve accurate color. THX certification closely reproduces the HD Color Standard used by filmmakers for broadcast and Blu-ray Discs in both 2D and 3D Modes.
  • Simplified Set-up: With the push of a button, selecting THX 2D and 3D Cinema Modes delivers the closest thing to a pre-calibrated video setting right out-of-the-box.
  • Sharper Pictures: THX certification improves 2D and 3D de-interlacing and jaggies, ensuring sharp images.

THX 3D Certified Display Modes

THX Optimized Settings

THX Cinema: A simple, one-button solution
for reproducing accurate color used by
filmmakers in the studio.

THX Bright Room: Bright Room Mode sets
luminance, color, blacks, and gamma for
typical bright room conditions.

THX 3D Cinema: Sets luminance, color,
blacks, gamma and video processing for 3D
broadcasts and Blu-ray Discs.

For more information on THX 3D Certified Home Theater Projectors visit the Epson Partner Profile