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The World’s Only THX Certified DVRs

TiVo® Premiere Elite and Premiere XL bring the best entertainment from cable and the web together in one place, with one remote and one simple search across everything. The result? A truly Brilliant TV experience that only TiVo can deliver. And, they are the only DVRs that have what it takes to be THX Certified for audio and video quality. THX certification ensures the integrity of your high-definition content won’t be compromised as you capture, store and playback HDTV programs and movies. You’ll experience the crisp details, vivid colors and exceptional audio clarity that is true to the fidelity of the original broadcast source.

Product Spotlight: TiVo Premiere Elite & XL

By being put through extensive THX image and sound testing, the TiVo Premiere Elite and Premiere XL ensure the accurate recording and playback of content with correct color, contrast and black/white levels without softening the picture or producing digital artifacts. The end result? A sharp, precise and often breathtaking entertainment experience. Features include:

Cable: TiVo DVRs connect to your cable service and replace your old cable box or DVR with something far more powerful – the most advanced and innovative DVR ever built. Search, explore and discover more of what you love on a stunning HD interface.
Movies: Now get more of the HD movies and TV shows you want from TiVo online partners like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® and more. Best of all, TiVo makes it all fast and easy.
Web: TiVo DVRs give you more entertainment possibilities than cable or satellite ever could. You’ll add YouTube™ and millions of web videos, movies and TV shows to your existing cable lineup. You can even schedule recordings remotely with your laptop or mobile phone.
Music: Experience the music like never before. Whether you’re jamming to your computer’s music library, watching free music videos on the web, or streaming your favorite music from Pandora, a TiVo DVR is music to your ears.

Optimize Your Performance

TiVo Premiere Elite and Premiere XL help you optimize image performance and sound fidelity with an easy-to-use THX calibration and tutorial video. In your “My Shows” folder you’ll find the five-minute THX Optimizer video, which requires use of THX Optimizer Blue Glasses found in your TiVo DVR packing box. This THX optimization process helps ensure you’ll experience an uncompromised and truly unique HDTV experience.

For more information about TiVo, visit www.tivo.com.

THX and TiVo

The TiVo Premiere Elite and Premiere XL are the only DVRs that have what it takes to be THX Certified for audio and video quality.
Learn more at www.tivo.com

THX Optimizer

Take full advantage of the THX Optimizer tool found on your THX Certified TiVo DVR.
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Need a Pair of Blue Glasses?

Purchase a pair of THX Optimizer Glasses to help properly calibrate your HDTV.
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