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Serious Materials
Great sound and picture is achieved through the right mix of audio-video components, room design, sound isolation and acoustic performance. Acoustic Materials Certified by THX provide home theater designers and architects the tools to meet the sound isolation demands of commercial cinemas, recording studios and premium home theaters.

With more than 25 years of cinema and professional studio design expertise, THX partnered with Serious Materials to develop a portfolio of acoustic materials for the professional building community.

QuietRock® 545THX

QuietRock 545THX is a THX Certified, internally-damped CPG composite drywall designed specifically for high-end home theater, studio and other commercial applications.

    Key Benefits of THX Certified QuietRock:

  • Delivers STC ratings of 56-80.
  • Highest total loss factor across all frequencies from low to high.
  • Installed just like standard drywall.
  • Low frequency isolation up to 50dB; high frequency up to 90dB.
Ambleside Advanced Screening Room

Ambleside Advanced Screening Room showcasing THX Certified Acoustic Materials

THX Certified QuietHome Door

The QuietHome Door delivers exceptional movie, music and video game experiences by ensuring exterior noise is kept out, and the soundtrack kept in.

    Key Benefits of THX Certified QuietHome Door:

  • Delivers an STC rating of 50.
  • Reduces noise 70-85 percent compared to a solid core door.
  • SRP is 30-50 percent lower than competing products.
  • The only THX Certified acoustic door on the market today.

For more information on THX Certified Acoustic Materials, check out the Test Bench Blog Q&A with our Director of Cinema Programs, Andrew Poulain.