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Runco marked the launch of the THX Certified Display program by introducing the world’s first THX Certified projector back at CEDIA 2006. Now, with a strong line-up of THX Certified projectors, Runco’s cutting-edge technology and refined craftsmanship continues to ensure sharp, vibrant pictures with every frame.

With more than 200 tests, covering 400 data points, the THX certification process evaluates a projector’s signal processing performance, color accuracy, luminance and black levels. This video testing “boot camp” results in premium projectors that are perfect for Runco custom installations.

THX Certified Runco QuantumColor Q-750 LED projector

Product Spotlight: QuantumColor™ Q-750 projector

Continuing their history of breakthrough achievements, Runco’s QuantumColor Q-750 is the world’s first THX Certified LED projector, pairing energy-saving LED technology with proprietary Runco engineering to create unsurpassed performance.

The Q-750 features include:

  • THX Display certification featuring THX Movie Mode
  • Runco’s revolutionary lampless InfiniLight™ LED projector
  • Runco’s Personal Color Equalizer™ proprietary color management for stunning realism
  • Exclusive Runco SmartColor™ hue compensation curve and gamut mapping for accurate fleshtones
  • Available with CineWide™ and AutoScope™ to replicate CinemaScope 2.35:1 formatting
  • Energy efficiency that cuts an estimated 70 percent less power than lamp-based projection with Runco InstantOn™ eliminating the need to leave projector in power-consuming “standby” mode

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The THX Advantage

Filmmakers work hard to bring their vision to life. When their films are mastered in the studio, the color, black levels and other video parameters are carefully monitored and adjusted so that movies play back a very specific way in the home. THX certification helps recreate the filmmaker’s vision, right down to every color and detail, in your living room.

  • THX Certified image quality: Runco projectors are designed and tested to meet the rigorous THX standards for image quality and signal processing performance.
  • Studio color: THX Movie Mode comes as close as possible to reproducing the HD Color Standard used by filmmakers in the studio. THX provides authorized Runco installers and THX Certified Calibrators access to fine tune THX settings to further improve performance for specific to room conditions.

Runco’s Authorized Dealer Network

THX Certified projectors from Runco are only available through Runco’s Authorized Dealer Network. These dealers are trained by Runco to design, build and integrate custom home theaters into the most discriminating homes in the world to ensure precise and pristine performance.

For more information or to locate a local Runco dealer please visit www.runco.com.

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