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Indy Audio Labs is an AV equipment manufacturer based in Indianapolis which sells products under the Aragon and Acurus brands. The first Indy Audio Labs product to receive THX certification was the Acurus A2002 amplifier in August 2011. Since then, the Acurus amplifier line has expanded from just a two-channel model to include five and seven-channel models – all receiving THX Ultra2 certification. Utilized by discerning listeners worldwide, Acurus products combine raw audio performance with new levels of sophistication and connectivity.

Product Spotlight: Acurus A2007 Seven-Channel Home Theater Amplifier

The Acurus A2007 (add link instead of saying below, for more info, etc.) is the latest addition to the Acurus line of multichannel amplifiers – all of which feature the same low-distortion, fully discrete amplifier designs that made Acurus famous. With the ability to disable unused channels to maximize audio performance, this amplifier—along with the A2005—are well suited for five or seven-channel applications, as well as two-channel stereo performance. In addition, Acurus’ proprietary Enhanced Ethernet Control (E2C technology) saves time and effort with audio system installation, control, customization and remote monitoring.

  • THX Ultra2 Certified – Designed to recreate the cinematic or music listening experience in large home theaters of 3,000 cubic feet in size and a viewing distance of 12-feet or greater, THX Ultra2 Certified amplifiers deliver best-in-class performance out-of-the-box. THX worked closely with Indy Audio Labs to ensure its Acurus A2007 could pass the more than 500 THX benchmark tests, measuring everything from power output to dynamic range and low noise floor.
  • Studio Volume – THX Certified amplifiers are also tested to confirm they meet “Reference Level” volume and fidelity. This ensures that the soundtrack is experienced at home exactly as it was produced, with matching audio levels that were used in the studio in which it was mixed.

To learn more about Indy Audio Labs and its Acurus and Aragon products please visit www.indyaudiolabs.com