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Click here to check out the new video previewing the THX tune-up ™ app. After watching the video and reading through the FAQ, if you’re still having any trouble using the THX tune-up app, please email tuneupsupport@thx.com.

1. When connecting my iDevice with Apple TV, why are the pictures and adjustments patterns not appearing on my TV?

Make sure that you have set the Apple TV to “Mirroring”. THX tune-up uses both your mobile device screen and your HDTV screen, making this an interactive 2nd screen application. 

The setting for mirroring can be found by double clicking the home button on your iPhone/iPad. Then scroll to the far left and you will see the icon. You can then select AirPlay, Apple TV, with Mirroring set to “ON.” The set up screen should look something like this:

2. I’m using my iPhone 4 and Apple TV, but I cannot see anything on my television. What can I do?

THX tune-up does not work with the iPhone 4 and Apple TV. You must have a Digital AV Adapter and connect via HDMI with your iPhone 4 in order to see the images on your television.

3. How do I set up my Apple TV (3rd Generation) so I can see all videos, adjustment patterns, photos and graphics on my television?

The following set up will give the best results when using your Apple TV:

  1. Connect your Apple TV:
  2. Use an HDMI cable to connect your Apple TV to your AVR or HDTV

  3. On your Apple TV select the following settings:
  4. Settings -> Audio & Video:
    Select: Dolby Digital: On
    Select: AirPlay Overscan: Off

  5. On your iOS device,
  6. Connect via AirPlay to your AppleTV
    Turn “Mirroring” ON

    4. I’m connected with Apple TV (3rd gen). I can see the Get Started movie on my television, but I cannot see the adjustment images in the app. Why?

    THX tune-up is a 2 screen application. The Get Started movie is played by the Apple movie player, but you will note when you are connected to the TV, the movie only plays on the TV, you cannot see it on the iPhone or iPad screen.

    In order to have the 2 screens simultaneously working for THX tune-up, you must turn Mirroring ON when you connect to Apple TV via AirPlay. Please note, the mobile screen contains user controls for interactivity. On the television only content needed to make the adjustment is displayed, and you control the app from the mobile device.

    5. Why do I only see 2 channel speakers in the Sound Adjustments section? I selected a 5.1 setup in the Equipment selection screen. 

    For 5.1 speaker assignment and phase adjustments you must do all of the following:

    1. Connect with an HDMI cable
    2. Select 5.1 Speakers in the Equipment Tab
    3. Select HDMI Mobile Connection in the Equipment Tab

    6. The Digital AV Adapter with the 30 pin connector keeps falling off my iPhone 4, 4s or iPad 2, 3, 4. What can I do?
 Which cable should I use when I’m connecting my iOS device to my AVR or TV?

    Try the following:

    1. Use a flexible HDMI cable that is longer than 2m/6ft.
    2. Use the 2nd generation Apple Digital AV Adapter – it has a connector lock which doesn’t detach as readily from the phone/tablet and the cable extension on the adapter is a little longer 

    The new AV adapter model number is A1422 versus A1388 for the 1st gen. The new part number is MD098ZM/A (MC953ZM/A is the old part number).

    7. What is the best length HDMI cable to use?

    Use at least a 2 meter (6 feet) cable. Depending on the location of your AVR/HDTV and your optimal/preferred viewing location, you may find that a 3-8 meter (10′-25′) cable may be needed.

    8. What audio mode should I set my AVR?

    Set your AVR to Direct mode (or “Digital Auto Detect” or equivalent) as this will allow the AVR to process the Dolby Digital (AC3) audio which is used for the 5.1 playback when using a HDMI connection.

    9. Where can I find more information about the best setup of my home entertainment system?

    You will find many more resources on the THX Educational resources on THX Website at: http://www.thx.com/consumer/home-entertainment/home-theater/

    10. How much time should I allow to use the app to set up my home theater?

    It will vary, but you should allow 10-30 minutes. You can stop at any time and come back later. Also, because the app is very interactive, you can perform the all of the adjustments or just the adjustments and features that you want without having to complete the entire experience in one use.

    11. Why is THX tune-up crashing or not opening when I launch it?

    Version 1.0.1 of THX tune-up addresses this issue. If you’ve updated to V1.0.1 and are still experiencing this issue, please tell us the details of your setup and problem by sending an email to tuneupsupport@thx.com with the following information:

    1. Model of your iPhone or iPad
    2. Version of iOS you are running on your phone/tablet
    3. Amount of memory you have available on your device
    4. The country where you are located

    12. The audio and/or the video stutters or has drop outs when using my Apple TV. 

Why does the audio narration or sound adjustments audio drop in & out on my speakers?

    This is usually caused by your Local Area Network (LAN) setup. Apple has an article on how to troubleshoot this issue at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4215. Note: You will have the best quality audio and video playback by using an HDMI connection.

    13. I’m having difficulty holding my iPhone or iPad while using the camera filter and doing the picture adjustments. What can I do?

    We acknowledge that this can be tricky. You may find that doing any or all of the following will help.

    1. Use a 2nd gen A/V adapter which has a connector lock and doesn’t detach as readily. See Question 6.
    2. Use a longer (>= 2m/6ft) flexible HDMI cable.
    3. Place the iPad in a stand on the table. It makes it easier to point and can be done with one hand while you are adjusting the TV remote with the other.
    4. Install the THX tune-up app on your iPhone and use the camera from there. The iPhone is much easier to hold and is not tethered to the TV/AVR with the HDMI cabling.
    5. If you are using a case for your iPhone/iPad, the case may interfere with making a solid connection of the cable. You may need to remove your iPhone/iPad from the case to get a good connection.

    14. The HDMI cable disconnected and I reconnected it, but the audio and video is not re-syncing. What should I do?

    The app will attempt to re-sync, but you may need to close the application and reopen.

    15. When connected to my TV with Apple TV, why are the pictures and adjustments patterns not appearing on my TV?

    Make sure that you have set the Apple TV to “Mirroring” to “ON.” See Q4.

    16. Why is the audio for the “Get Started” video so low?
    Why do I have to turn the volume on my AVR so high to hear the audio narration during the adjustments section?

    Your AVR and/or speakers may not be properly configured or connected. For example, if your AVR is set to 5.1 or 7.1 speakers but you only have a 2 speakers (and maybe a subwoofer) connected. Go to the speaker setup menus of your AVR and set the speakers to match your actual configuration.

    17. When performing the Tint or Color adjustment, the camera is jerky and doesn’t reflect what is on the TV. What should I do?

    Please hold the camera as still as possible when pointing it at the television, wait for it to be displayed on your mobile device, and then make the adjustment. The camera refresh rate is dependent on the speed of your iOS device. This refresh rate is as slow as 1-2 updates per second.

    18. When playing the “Get Started” video and my phone is in portrait mode, is there any way to make the video full screen on the TV?

    When using a device with iOS 6.0.1 or 6.1, place your iPhone or iPad in landscape to display the video full screen on the TV. for the best display on the TV or Projector when using iOS 6.0.1 or 6.1. When using a device with iOS 5.1.1, the displayed video will always play in full screen, regardless of device orientation (portrait or landscape).

    19. I’m connected via VGA or Component. Is there any way to have the “Get Started” video display full screen on the television?

    While you can connect to your television via VGA or Component, the video will not be full screen, and the picture quality won’t be the best. For the best performance from your mobile device, connect your device directly to your AVR/HDTV via HDMI with a Digital AV adapter.

    20. Why do I not get any audio output in the Sound Adjustments section? I have a 5.1 system.

    Ensure that you are connected directly from your device with a HDMI cable to your AVR. If you’ve reported in the Equipment screen that you have HDMI and a 5.1 speaker setup, and are connected via some other means such as AirPlay with AppleTV or an analog connection, no audio will be heard.

    21. When will I be able to use THX tune-up to test my 7.1 speaker setup?

    This capability may be available in a future release.