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Color and Tint (also known as “hue”) settings work together to create the correct color imaging for the picture. For this adjustment, THX Optimizer uses a specially designed test pattern that mimics the portion of the SMPTE color bars used for tint and color adjustments. Contained throughout the pattern are the words, “COLOR” and “TINT” that utilize the same primary and secondary colors as the SMPTE color bars.

Note: This test requires the use of the THX blue filter glasses. If you do not have the glasses see the order information at the bottom of this page.

With the glasses on, or using the proper blue filter gel, adjust your Color control until each letter in the word “COLOR” is the same shade of blue. Tint/Hue is set by doing the same thing with your Tint/Hue control for each letter in the word “TINT”. Figure 6 shows an example of correct settings for Color and Tint when looking through the THX blue filter glasses while Figure 7 shows an example of incorrect settings for Color and Tint.

Due to emerging display technologies, such as Quattron or RGB+Y, methods of adjusting Color and Tint with blue filters or blue filter glasses will not provide the most balanced image. On products featuring these technologies, jump forward to the Picture Performance Test to adjust Color and Tint.