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*The THX Optimizer test signals displayed are for reference use only. Be sure to check your equipment’s operations manual or refer to your service technician before making any internal adjustments on your monitor.

Aspect RatioThis test looks similar to the 4:3 Aspect Ratio test, but the 16:9 Aspect Ratio test pattern is used to make sure that your DVD player is set to the proper display mode. If you are using a 4:3 monitor, this test is primarily for the DVD player, but you can still use it to check your monitor’s performance (like the 4:3 Aspect Ratio test). If you are using a 16:9 monitor, you can also use this test to check your monitor’s ability to display 16:9 video.

If you are watching a non-anamorphic feature (for example, a Pan-Scan feature or a letterboxed feature that was transferred for a 4:3 television), you can skip this test pattern.

For 4:3 television sets: Your DVD player should be set to display the 4:3 mode. For today’s technology, it will not matter if your DVD player is set for 4:3 letterbox or 4:3 pan-scan. Consult your DVD player owner’s manual for more information. Widescreen anamorphic movies viewed on a standard 4:3 television must “letterbox” the image in order to display the proper aspect ratio. The DVD player most often achieves this by removing the extra lines of resolution so that the proper number of lines remain. By removing these lines, the anamorphic image is “unsqueezed” to display the proper number of vertical lines for the horizontal width of the television and black mattes are added above and below the image. For this test, the test pattern with the circle will be “letterboxed” and you should see a round circle surrounded by two rectangles (see Figures 13-14).

Aspect Ratio Comparison 1

For 16:9 television sets: Some monitors offer sizing controls that first require an adjustment of the 4:3 mode. Be sure to check and verify the 4:3 circle before making any adjustments to the 16:9 mode. Then, for this test set your DVD player to display the 16:9 mode and set your monitor to display widescreen. Consult your DVD player owner’s manual for more information. You should see a round circle if your DVD player is set-up correctly for 16:9 display (see Figures 15-17). In addition to the circle displayed, you will find two boxes that can be used to check the video monitor’s centering, both horizontally and vertically.

Aspect Ratio Comparison 2

Check with your service technician before attempting to make any adjustments on you home theater equipment. Although you may not fix any existing display errors without the help of a service technician, it is important to provide enough information to the service technician so they may arrive prepared.